041319 meeting notes

Apple new services coming in Fall.  Apple tv+ streaming service, Apple News+ magazines (similar to the app Texture they purchased lately and will shut down later this year), Apple Arcade, Apple Card physical card for apple pay.  Apple tv app will bind most streaming services and managed by apple.

Editing photos with built-in software.    Works for most situations but we can do better.

In this order:

Magic wand to enhance. Adjust > light> brilliance. >light> exposure, >light> shadow, >light> brightness, >light> contrast, Adjust> color> saturation, color> cast

Adjust> rotate and crop and resize

Filters - preset photo schemes

Markup - draw on top of image, available in keynote and several Apple programs

More> allow access to 3rd party apps for photo editing

Preview app - allows signature for faxing and email


Question 1 - Roku box using amazon streaming don’t show purchased shows.  Check amazon on computer to make sure settings and purchases are correct.

Question 2 - A large library of powerpoint 2012 slide presentation.  Will apple Keynote convert them. Upgrade powerpoint to recent version.  Even converted, expect problems with sound and transitions due to converting from microsoft to apple format.

Question 3 - Learning Keynote with apple videos, youtube, David Poke missing manuals, Skillshare,




Question 4 - 5G will require a new phone when available.  No dates when will be available.

Question 5 - Backup with local snapshots if time machine is not available.   

Question 6 - Upgrade ipad.  Current ipad was release in March 2018, no news for updated iPads.