Is there life after Aperture with Ken Gassman

From our last meeting, Luminar 3 software was shown to be most similar to Aperture

Matt Kloskowski photoshop and lightroom alternatives = Capture one was his choice

Useful iPhone tips and tricks with George Wagner

  • Magnify = settings > general  > accessibility > magnifier + push power button 3 times / hit large white button to freeze image / press and hold image to save or share

  • Zoom = settings > general  > accessibility > zoom = 3 fingers double tap to start zoom and slide on screen to change zoom scale / controller to move around screen

  • Screen Reader = settings > general  > accessibility > speak screen = speak selection - highlight text to screen / speak screen - swipe with 2 fingers from top of screen = read complete screen with speed controls / typing feedback - speak while typing

  • Screen Shot = power button + home button or on iphone 10, power button + volume up button

  • Air Drop = settings > general  > airdrop / setup share > settings > general  > give device a name > share settings

  • Larger Text = settings > general  > display and brightness > text size / bold or settings > general  > accessibility > larger text

  • Location Based Reminders = add reminder > name reminder > options in reminders app info button (circle with I) or use siri with catch phrases (remind me, email ___, etc.) 

  • Parked Car = settings > maps > show parked location

Questions and Answers

Question 1 - looking for a new computer moving from outdated pc / windows to possibly a mac

Question 2 - moving icons on ipad  - use folders or use the menu dock at the bottom to move up to 6 apps, feel free to remove apps, all apps purchased are available to reinstall as needed

Question 3 - dropbox wants “control of your computer”  if you look under privacy, you can see what apps want to work in the background or have access to 

Question 4 - night shift usa today article about blue light and sleep issues 

Question 5 - siri responds to an inquire with suggested from the internet but goes to sleep, scroll should keep active, click will activate the site, a click to the siri icon in the upper left corner will return to list