Sidecar -  use an ipad as a second screen

Expanded siri

Find my - find my phone and friends in one app

Activation lock

Screen time - control amount of time on a device

Itunes discontinued - split into apple music, apple podcasts, apple tv

Software updates to mac os, ipad os, ios, watch os,

New hardware - new mac pro starting at $6000


  • Dark mode

  • Swipe to type

  • Updated apple apps

  • New features in maps

  • New privacy features

  • Save names and profiles for messages

  • Enhanced camera and photos

  • Improved siri

Ipad os for ipad pros

  • Ipad enhancements

  • Expanded multitasking

  • Column view

  • Support usb

  • Ipad native gestures

Homekit secure video

  • Video is analyzed on site

  • Homepod or Apple tv

  • Is encrypted and sent to a secure icloud

  • Not even apple can see it

  • Not counted against your limit

Sign in with apple id

  • Log into apps using face id

  • Log into websites that wanted your google of facebook login now uses apple id with security

  • Randomized email address

  • Limit the amount of data given to developers

  • Apple watch os

  • Noise app

  • Cycle tracking

  • Voice memos and a calculator

  • Independent apps

Apple Tv os

  • Redesigned homescreen

  • Multiuser support

  • Personalized recommendations

  • Apple music integration

  • Apple arcade

  • Game controller support

  • Original programming - streaming service launching later this year

Advanced iOS Editing - David Day

iOS 13 enhancements

  • Connect camera to ipad directly

  • Indexing in photos app

  • Light intensity in portraits - computational photography

Remove stuff -

Touch retouch - $1.99


Add light sources

Lens light - $4.99


Make wallpapers

Wallax - $.99


Is there life after Aperture - Ken Gassman

Downloaded presentation available until July 8, 2019

Aperture discontinued selling and supporting in 2015

Wishlist for Aperture replacement

  • Similar to aperture

  • Easy learning curve

  • No subscription

  • Stand alone and plug in

  • Reasonable price

  • Mac native

  • DAM - digital asset manager

  • Good support

Tried adobe bridge, affinity, photoshop,

Luminar 3  - $70