“Hey George, what can I do with Siri”


Say “hey Siri” to wake up Siri or hold the Home button or power button for Siri without using “hey Siri”.  Holding the home button without releasing will keep Siri active and she will not think you are done too soon.

Siri as an assistant

Turn on “hey Siri” in settings, teach Siri to understand your voice



Common commands

Call - any contacts, local stores, restaurants, etc






Phone - take a photo, take a selfie, adjust settings, open apps, refine contact info

Scheduling - calendar, reminders, alarms,

Search - define words, find items on the device like photos, emails, notes

Navigation - take me home, traffic info, directions, location of business, eta

Entertainment - sport scores, movies, music identify, control, select, skip, volume

More - travel, translation, third party apps,

Speak Screen - general accessibility, Siri can read the screen or selection

Question 1 - Set parked car location by turning on the option in the maps settings.  Go to maps for the route to return to your car.

Question 2 - Apple News+ - magazines not included in list.   Contact apple’s feedback to suggest magazines not included with Apple News+, or Contact Tim Cook directly = tcook@apple.com

Question 3 - phishing emails - trying to trick you by sending you an email that looks official but does not go to the official site,  Do not click on blind links in emails. Labels are easily changed or renamed to say anything,  go to the official site directly and address the issue in question.  If you want to know the info behind the contact or the link, long hold on the links for details. Make sure to use 2 factor authorization for best protection.

Question 4 - Most Robocalls cannot be blocked because they use spoofed numbers and not their real number so blocking a number will usually not work. There are several robocall apps on the app store to help deal with robocalls.

Question 5 - text messages do not show on multiple devices. Texting usually is only set up with the phone but in settings, you can sync text messages with your icloud and sync more devices.