iPad Ios 13 Beta 5 - David Day - final release September 20

  • Home screen layout

  • Choose icon size

  • Widgets on home page

  • Larger dock

  • Slide over

  • Split screen (currently only with Apple apps, other apps available when updated)

  • File system

  • Dropbox

  • Icloud

  • Files on ipad

  • User interface

  • Faster faceid

  • Mini keyboard with swype

  • Dark mode

  • Control center bluetooth device settings

New OS features coming soon - George Wagner

iOS 13 features

  • Dark mode

  • Multiple apps in slide over

  • Same app in multiple spaces

  • App Expose

  • Tighter app grid

  • Widgets on the home screen

  • Enhanced reminders app

  • Automation in shortcuts

  • Improved photos

  • New photo and video editors

  • New pencil access

  • Scroll bar scrubbing

  • New cut/copy paste gestures

  • Peek

  • New compact floating keyboard

  • Full safari

  • Sign in with apple

  • Memojis and messages

  • Desktop text formatting in mail

  • Homekit

  • Redesigned maps app

  • New siri

  • Shortcuts

  • Enhanced homepod and airpods

  • Keyboard reminders

  • Carplay 

  • Augmented reality

    Mac os Catalina

  • Music, tv, podcasts split from itunes

  • Photo enhanced

  • Notes expanded

  • Reminders enhanced

  • Sidecar (ipad second screen)

  • Apple pencil through ipad

  • Screen time

  • Increased security and privacy

  • Find my (friends, devices, etc)

  • Voice control

Question and Answers

Question 1 - Apple support  1-800-myapple

In warranty provides free support, out of warranty usually charges per incident, chat is sometimes free

Question 2 - upgrades and updates cause the computer to run slower

Upgrades to the OS usually add new features that demand more from the computer, update usually only include security and performance updates and should not change the speed of the computer

Question 3 - Wayze or Siri in the car do not work 

Make sure it is pulling power from the cigarette lighter, the aux and usb do not provide enough power to charge the device and may not be able to all features or check the options to make sure that if it is supposed to connect to the car’s sound system if is connected correctly

Question 4 - migrate from old computer to new computer

Migration should be seamless, apps from the app store can be downloaded to the newest version.  Some apps will look different due to the major changes in the interface

Question 5 - charge and navigate from the phone through bluetooth

Turn off the music app and only use navigation or use a third party app to control what is being used