030919 meeting notes

SC Idea - We are looking to have a swap meet for members to buy, sell, donate computer items.  Tell us what month works for you.

George Presentation - Notifications


From general settings > notifications

Siri suggestion for the start screen

Face id option to show notifications when unlocked

Notification grouping - automatic as default

Do not disturb - stops notifications and phone calls, control if contact is a favorite,  repeated calls, while driving with text message option

Control center - controls to turn do not disturb on/off and how long

Power saving help

Screen brightness

Flashlight brightness

Turn off bluetooth if not needed

Place device in airplane mode when wifi and cell service is not available, the device will constantly check for a signal if not available.

Background app refresh - turn off for unimportant apps

Battery usage

Mail - set to manual

Visual effects - general > accessibility

Location - turn off location for unneeded apps

Auto-lock - settings > control center >

Low power mode

Tips and Tricks

Text size - settings > general > accessibility

Zoom - settings > general > accessibility > zoom - when setup triple finger tap to zoom

Magnify - settings > general > accessibility > magnify - when on, triple click home button, press and hold on image to save or share

Question 1 - How to download Dropbox.



Question 2 -

1.  Can I back up files in Apple’s cloud (iCloud)?  

From computer = no, online backup services are better.  These will not upload the os but will save your personal files.



Back blaze


Time machine does multiple version backup of everything and will allow a restore of a failed computer.  Time machine requires an external harddrive.

NAS or network accessible storage will allow access to backups for a complete network of computers.

IOS devices can backup to icloud due to the os and apps that you have purchased are stored with apple.  You can store individual files on icloud but not intended multiple version backup. Icloud is great for sync, storage, web based app.  This is similar as Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox. Use the sync service in the environment you are most comfortable with. Mixed system using Windows, Google, Linux, etc. may have better success with other than iCloud.

The best backup strategy is to have 3 backups in addition to the version on the computer, one local (time machine on hdd), one offsite, and one online.

2. (Related to Q1) - I have files in iCloud that no longer are syncing with the computer that put them there (the computer has been taken out of service).  So these files, which are “orphaned”, are current and I continue to edit them from another computer. But I’m wondering how to back them up, especially since they don’t appear to be also stored on the new computer.  

Check apple id and sync settings.

3.  What happens to the files in the iCloud if I tell the cloud that my new computer is now the “source” for the files in the cloud.  Those files won’t be on my new computer, but I want to maintain them. Will the cloud erase (delete) them, since the files are not on the new “source” computer”?

All synced items are stored in the same cloud pool.  Erasing an item on one device will affect the icloud pool and will delete on other devices as long as those devices are set to sync.

Question 3 -

I still can’t get Apple’s new Continuity feature to work.  Are others making use of it? Any thoughts?

Older os and older computers may have problems with continuity and hand off.  Devices must be on the same network.

Question 4 -

Is there an easy — and cheap — way to use Time Capsule wirelessly, especially since Air Port has been discontinued.  Any Time Machine compatible external device will work with Apple Time Machine.

Question 5 -

Sync itunes media will items as long as using the same apple id.  settings > itunes and app store > you can always view the apps purchased on app store > profile picture > purchases.