TMUG September Questions and Answers

Question 1 - Would like a discussion of sites from which I can download movies, especially older movies, and hopefully for free.  Perhaps thru the library. I live in Henderson County.

I have a Roku box and account and also use Amazon Prime extensively.  Both are thru my TV. But there are lots of classic movies not on these sites.  I find sites like that seem to list movies, but I cannot make them work.

As an example please help me watch the original Swedish TV series "Scenes from a Marriage".  It is listed on, but I cannot make it play.  I expect to connect my Mac laptop to my TV with a cable and then use the F3 or F4 buttons to change the screen.

Many thanks.  See you Saturday.

Bill Hatt


Question 2 - What is the value of a new iPhone.  Currently an android user moving to an iPhone.

Getting a newer iphone will allow for the newer operating system, upgrades and apps.  If cost is an issue, the Apple store sells the iPhone SE and older versions like the iPhone 7.  The new iPhones releasing in September will include a lower cost version.


Question 3 - New Apple product rumors for September 12th event.


Question 4 - Learning new technology for seniors..

David Pogue missing manual


Question 5 - Stop applications auto-loading at startup.