Question 1

My wife suddenly lost all of her saved emails on Yahoo. She said she went to yahoo help and filled out the appropriate form. We then received a call supposedly From yahoo, stating that the problem was her iPad was too old and out of warranty. It could be fixed for $100-200. Does an iPad go out of warranty?

Yahoo does not charge for support.  If someone is trying to charge you for Yahoo help, it is a probably a scam.  If your iPad is too old for something, the warranty would not fix that. Whatever the issue with Yahoo mail, it would not be a hardware problem.


Question 2

If you have time, please review using ONYX and also the latest update using iCloud Message.

OnyX is a multifunction utility for macOS which you can use to verify the startup disk and the structure of its system files, to run miscellaneous tasks of cleaning and system maintenance, to configure some hidden parameters of many of Apple’s applications, and more.

Question 3

iCloud Message

Messages synced between all devices through the cloud.


Question 4

I have had my iMac for about seven years and the keyboard is looking dirty.  What is the best way to clean the keyboard?

Compressed Air for minor cleaning. Wipe down with soft cloth.

Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol or alcohol wipes for moderate cleaning.

Disassembly and washing for major cleaning.

Soaking wired keyboard, not plugged in.  Dry on paper towel until COMPLETELY dry.

Try a keyboard skin to protect dirt and debris from getting into the keyboard.


Question 5

I am putting together a slideshow for my Mom’s 90th birthday, so far I have 89 photos collected, In My Projects.  I’m not sure how to

Put all these photos together and burn a DVD to play over my tv

For the big party? Anything I should know, planning on adding music too.  Does this IMAC even burn DVD’s?

Open the photos Icon Bottom of screen

Open named slide show you want to burn. My projects, then named slide show

Click on file top left


Export slideshow

Save as, named slide show

Tag, I picked red

Format, I picked high definitions (1080)

Load DVD, shiny side in back


Replace, I want to know why you have to save it, instead of just burning DVD?

You will see it exporting slideshow

Give it some time depending on how big of a slide show you are putting together.

Once it stops, click file

Click burn, in my case it’s called “Welcome Spring”.

I had to pick speed, don’t know if 2, 4 ,6 or 8 is better??? I picked 8

Click burn again.

Once this is all done click on the image of a DVD and click Eject.

VOILA, you should now be able to play this DVD on your computer or tv.

Some smart TV’s can play video from youtube, vimeo, etc.