Question 1:

For learning and fun purposes I took photos of flowers in my yard and made a slideshow out of
These.  I did click on medium sizing when picking out photos for this slide show, however the
Video is VERY large. I would like to be able to send this to friends, how do I compress it so it
is email friendly? My version was 66.6mb, my son in law made this for me and now it’s 22mb or
Something close. 

Use QuickTime player pro or Handbrake to make the video smaller.  If you use Apple Mail, Apple will automatically link large files using mail drop for emailing.  You can also upload your video to YouTube or Dropbox and email a link to uploaded video.

Questions 2:

If I need a good, reliable printer to copy pictures for my art, one that is most economical with ink, which one would you recommend?  Where should I look for your answer?  

At the meeting it was discussed that ink jet is water based and will run if wet even after years of drying.  Laser jet is infused into the paper and is not water soluble but is not UV protected and will fade if exposed to light.  I suggested printing online to real photo processors,  they use archival paper and photo processing that are UV stable and once you factor in paper, electricity, the printer use, your time and ink, if is sometimes cheaper than printing yourself.  I print all my photos online.  Locally I use Target and Walgreens, and for professional prints, I use smugmug and whitewall.

If you still need printer advise, try technical reviews on The Wirecutter or Consumer Reports.

Question 3:

Many of my passwords stored in Keychain are very old and no longer valid can i start over with a new keychain . Also, what is the relationship between Keychain on my iMac and iCloud Keychain on my iPhone 7? The OS’s on both devices are up to date. 

Thank you for your assistance. My devices are easily updated but it is considerably more difficult to update an old Mac user.

Keychain passwords can only be erased one at a time or wiped completely in one step.  Keychain will be synced via iCloud.  LastPass, One Pass and roboform are also excellent password managers.

Question 4:

Where were the locations used for the Apple screensaver.

Hong Kong.
Los Angeles.
San Francisco.
New York.